Today’s video is a brutal but brilliant glute workout!

Most importantly, you have to squeeze your glutes in every lift. In every lowering phase you need to open ie. stretch your glutes, you then engage them so that they initiate the lift/working phase of the movement.

To build muscle you need to go heavy enough that the last 1-2 reps are a real struggle! You need to ensure you’re activating your glutes from the get go so that even when you are struggling it is your glutes that are switched on and doing the work!

Workout Breakdown

3 sets of

10 Back Squats with 3 Pulses at the Bottom

20 Banded Squat Side Steps

3 sets of

15 Heavy Single Leg Press

12 Single Leg Deadlift

3 sets of

10 Weighted Bulgarian Split Squats

10 Jumping Bulgarian Split Squats

3 sets of

7 Kick Backs

7 Pulses at the top

7 Lower to the left then lift, lower to the right then lift, etc.


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