Hi everyone!

Today’s video is a full body workout at home! It is very sweaty and can be as intense as you want to make it! For more intensity perform your exercises deeper and faster and take less rest in between sets!

Workout Breakdown is below!


Warm up

3 sets of

5 Mini Sun Salutations

5 Downward Dog Knee to Kick

Lower Body

3 sets of

12 Reverse Lunge Pulse to Squat (12 each side)

12 Chest to Floor Burpees

Upper Body

3 sets of

10 Push Up + 2 Cross Body Mountain Climbers

10 Triceps Dip with Alternating Leg Lift

10 Rolling Reversee Burpees


4 sets of

5 The 8 and 8: 8 Mountain Climbers + 8 High Knees

10 Flat Back Reversee Burpees


2 sets of

10 Rotating Plank Dips (10 each side)

10 Dolphin Planks

10 Alternating Star Crunch


Downward Dog (Hamstrings)

Pigeon (Glutes)

Childs Pose (Lower Back and Lats)

Childs Pose with Side Bend (Lats)

Childs Pose thumbs to neck (Triceps)



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