Today’s video is a home upper body workout! I didn’t train at the gym but wanted to hit my upper body! I planned this workout to load the triceps and shoulders and also hit the back! (Hard to do with bodyweight exercises!)

I now know how my clients feel when they say ‘did you know this was going to be this hard?’ Well yes, but I think all the evil things are a great idea! Give this workout a go if you want to feel the burn!!

4 exercises: 45 seconds on 15 seconds off

1. Wide Push Up, Hand Tap
2. Back Extension and Squeeze, Half Burpee
3. Single Arm/Offset Push Up – Switch half way
4. Triceps Push Up, Side Plank

3 rounds with no rest in between rounds!

For more info, to see the exercises and to listen to me ramble about body fat, watch the below video!


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