Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my Blog. I’m currently doing a Summer Shape Up – essentially trying to look better in the smaller clothing that Summer brings with it. Last week I was on ‘staycation’ in London. This involved a lot of bagels and eggs for breakfast, eating out and bagels as snacks! Looking back through the video, I can see that I have very little ‘snack’ variety and that I can eat breakfast food at any time of the day!

Being back at work this week, I am eating a tupperware meal for breakfast (chicken or turkey sausage with sweet potato or pasta, and veg), this is awesome as then when I get home late from work I can eat my brunch as an evening meal!


Eating out and staying clean was really hard.


For Starters, on Monday we were not well. Self inflicted illness, but ill! Our Hangover Cure was 2 burgers each at Shake shack. Not a proud moment!

At Wagamamas on Tuesday I chose the Salmon Teriyaki Noodles, definitely good and fresh but a huge portion, which obviously I HAD to finish.

At Zizzis Tuesday night I chose the Chicken and Prosciutto dish that came with potatoes and Veg, the portion of potatoes was probably too large, but yet again I HAD to finish it!

At the Big Easy there were no good options! The chicken burger was the best of a bad bunch!

Friday – Papa Johns.

On Sunday we went to a Pub that did Roast Dinners and it was so good!! There was only 2 roast potatoes which was disappointing, I made up for the lack of potato by eating the whole half Chicken…

To Watch the Full Video Diary of my meals and for some light entertainment watch the video below!


Thank you for returning to my site!

See you in the next one,


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