I talked about this in one of my videos but don’t believe I’ve said enough.

In short, body dismorphia is not seeing yourself the way that everybody else and the world sees you. It is only seeing your flaws or perceived flaws. It is actually an anxiety disorder that causes people to think about these flaws for hours each day.

What does this have to do with someone who exercises regularly and is on a healthy journey towards their goals? Everything.

Have you ever looked in a mirror and focused solely on that last bit of stubborn fat that won’t go, ignoring all the other parts of your body that you have lost body fat from?

Or have you hated a muscle group because it ‘just doesn’t grow’ and you fail to see the gains you’ve made with other muscles?

We all have our problem areas, the place we store fat, the place that never looks lean enough, firm enough, where there’s always cellulite etc. The sooner that we know our bodies and our problem areas, we can accept that that area just needs a little more time and we can move on to seeing all the parts of our bodies that we do like.
Next time you’re weighing yourself, taking measurements or simply staring at yourself in the mirror.

  • Notice any amazing changes in your physique
  • Notice all the parts of your body that you like
  • Think of all the amazing things that your body can do

Receiving compliments is hard, most people say; thank you but I don’t agree, thank you but I don’t like it, thank you but… It’s a terrible thing that liking your body is arrogant or vain. That accepting a compliment would somehow make you a bad person?? People don’t tend to compliment you to make you feel bad, they want you to feel good! So accept it and start feeling good. I think learning to love your body is a long journey but a journey definitely worth taking.



If you are struggling with body image, make sure you talk to friends, family, a trainer, someone who you are comfortable talking too. Anxiety disorders do not let you be rational so you need someone to be the rational voice for you! Please remember that I am not a qualified psychiatrist, however as a PT I talk about this a lot with my clients, and just as a human, I talk about this a lot with my friends! Listen to them when they try and help you, let them tell you their struggles and let you be their rationale, you’ll soon learn to take your own advice!


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