It’s been two weeks since we last ordered pizza! Yes, its ridiculous that I’m so proud of that.

I was chatting to a client today about long term goals and she mentioned that sometimes she feels like its so far away. Yes, a long term goal usually is far away, hence why its called a ‘LONG term’ goal. I told her, and it helped me realise, we need to celebrate every short term goal that is met, every small achievement and every step in the right direction.

Make sure you take the time to congratulate yourself for getting up and doing fasted cardio, for skipping desert, for making yourself go to bed early, for sticking to gin and slimline, for smashing your workout… You might not be able to squat twice your bodyweight yet, feel like a goddess in a bikini or whatever your long term goal is. You are getting closer and closer with every small step you take.

Celebrate your mini victories and let them drive you to stay motivated so you have more victories in the future!



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