For starters, I’ve been ill for a week and have not trained once. I was terrified I wasn’t going to be able to squat anything, or that I’d get down but not be able to get back up! I had a plan and I wanted to do as much of it as possible so I just grabbed my pre workout and BCAAs and went for it! (Also made myself feel good by wearing pink leggings and putting foundation on! Can’t help being a girlie girl!)

Exercise one:

Back Squats: warm up to 3 sets of 3 reps

This felt surprisingly good! I did 20 reps with the bar, foam rolled my quads, did another 20 with the bar, foam rolled my calves, did 10 with 40kg super duper low and slow, stretched my hips, 3 low and slow with 60, chilled, then 3 sets of 3 with 85kg! My last set wasn’t low enough so I’m going to do that weight again next week so that I can keep my depth! But super happy because that was the weight I wanted to do.

Exercise two:

12 Back squats superset with 24 reverse lunges (with DB, 12 each leg, alternate) 4 sets. Rest 90 seconds between sets

This. did. NOT. feel. good! This was so hard!! First set, 60kg for 12 super deep, incredibly high heart rate, straight into the reverse lunges (I used two 14kg DBs), felt sick after, cool, fine, done. Second set, I barely moved, I probably looked like I was trying to do good mornings instead of squats, my legs were shaking and without a spot I just couldn’t/didn’t want to go down! The lunges felt ok, well OK in comparison. Third set, dropped my weight all the way down to 40, decided to do sumo squats half way through the set because my core was too tired to do my regular stance (regular being wider than hip-width but not crazy wide…) Sumo squats in the mirror in pink leggings, not a good idea with a sweaty crotch… Lunges, my arms were dying! Fourth set, probably should have left it at 3 but the pre-workout must have stopped my brain working so I did all four! Core dying on the squats, arms and core died on the lunges! I had to rest my hands after because I couldn’t get the clips off the bar to tidy my weights up.. Next time, I’m going to try 50kg for the squats and a barbell for the lunges.

Exercise three:

15 high narrow leg press with 10 partial reps superset with 10 kneel down to stand up (with DB, 10 each side) 4 sets. Rest 90 seconds between sets.

This felt good! Super aerobic, demanding, good burn on the butt, sweaty, awesome. I used 120kg on the leg press, I’m going to up that next time. I used an 8kg DB for the kneeling to standing exercise, I wanted a 12 or a 10 but they were taken… Still 8 was really demanding and if I lost my rhythm it felt impossible! Still going to try heavier next week! Completed all four sets, stuck to the rest time, got a few looks because I was making noises and obviously working harder than everyone else there! Boom!

Exercise four:

15 Bulgarian split squats (DB) superset with 15 static lunge pulses (BB) 4 sets. Rest 90 seconds between sets.

This hurt! I only did 3 sets because I could not stand up in between sets. I used a 14kg DB in the opposite hand to the standing/working leg. I was really particular about hip hinging before knee hinging and pushing my weight back. I only managed 8 with the DB, I did the last 7 bodyweight. I used a light bar for the lunges because I knew this was going to be a killer. 15 is so much more than 10 when you’re on fire!

Exercise five:

10 sets of 10 Hip Abducton.

I had planned to do glute bridges and hamstring curls before this but I was pooped and had been going for 75 minutes by this point! I put the weight at 75kg and pushed these out, it was not slow, controlled or pretty! It took less than 10 minutes I think! Aim for next time, ignore the hunger setting in, go slow!

I feel like I killed this workout, although in reality it probably killed me! Walking up the stairs out of the gym was crazy hard but I loved that I could feel my glutes aching with each step! I did what very fitness girl does, try and take a belfie (butt selfie). It’s common knowledge that your bum looks bigger and rounder in coloured or patterned leggings, but after a workout there’s a sweat patch surely?! I’m now very sceptical of the, ‘I got such a glute pump in my bright blue leggings in this workout’ belfies, because, where is your sweat patch?!?! I was kind of proud of mine!


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