Workout Breakdown


20kg x 20 x 2

60kg x 10 x 2

80kg x 8 x 2

90kg x 3/4 x 3

I managed 4 reps on my second set! Woop!

Leg Press

120kg x 15

160kg x 15

200kg x 15

My last set killed me! I’m not going to up the weight, I’m going to work on increasing my range with 200kg first

3 sets of

15 Glute Bridges

20 Kneeling Squats

Limited by the weight you can clean and press to put on your back and then shoulder press when you’re done, I recommend going slow and really focusing on the contraction when doing kneeling squats

3 sets of

10 smith machine lunge to knee

10 straight leg cable kickback

Try my workout and share with everyone you know! This is how I do it, let me hear YOU ROAR!

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