My first back squat session was tough! My legs felt strong but my core didn’t! So much of squatting is mobility and core strength which I will definitely need to work on

10 Squats 20kg

5 Squats 40kg

5 Squats 60kg

4x 3 Squats 70kg

3 sets of

15 Hack Squats

12 Good Mornings

3 sets of

10 each side: kneel down to stand up holding KB

24 walking lunges with KB (12 each side)

3 sets of

8 single leg sit to stand

8 BB lunge to step up

16 BB glute bridge

20 jump lunges

10 heavy machine kickbacks

20 glute raise

15 heavy hip abduction

10 minutes incline stepper

10 minutes stepper

30 minute stretch


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