My first push session ended up just being a shoulder workout and I loved it! I always worry about having broad shoulders and looking manly so don’t want to build too much muscle, then I remember that my body would find it hard to put on much muscle there, I’m eating in a deficit and I don’t have quite enough testosterone to really build big muscles! Working the shoulders will help improve blood flow to them, my muscles will have greater tone and I am more likely to look lean!

Warm up with 4kg Dumbbells

10 lateral raises

10 front raises

10 reverse flyes

10 shoulder presses

10 bent over row

Set one: repeat 3x

12-15 seated DB shoulder press

10 lateral raises

10 front raises

I used 12kg for my Shoulder presses, I managed 12 reps, 15, then 13

I used 4kg for the lateral and front raises and it burnt!

Set two: repeat 3x

16 (8 each side) Alternating hammer strength shoulder press (hold at top) 15kg each side

10-12 BB upright row 16kg

Set three: repeat 3x

15 single arm cable reverse flye 2.5kg

12 face pulls with handles 12.5kg

Set four: repeat 2x

15 DB external shoulder rotations

This last set is for stability and super important! Don’t miss this out or a really big stretch! I did a 30 minute whole body stretch and felt amazing afterwards!


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