1800 Calories in the split 50% Carbs 225g +30% Protein 135g + 20% Fat 40g

I’m starting the year off being consistent, not a drastic deficit and NOT low carb! The aim is to gradually drop the calories down, and the carbs down whilst increasing the fat; teach the body to burn the fat and maintain (and hopefully build) as much muscle as possible!

One plan could be

Breakfast: 50g Oats, 1 Teaspoon Sugar, 1 Protein Shake = 40g Carbs + 27g Protein + 6g Fat

Mid Morning: 1 Beef Burger, 100g Broccoli, 100g Whole wheat Pasta = 36g Carbs + 16g Protein + 8g Fat

Lunch: 90g Turkey Mince, 100g Broccoli, 120g Brown Basmati Rice = 32g Carbs + 33g Protein + 8g Fat

Mid Afternoon: 1 Banana, 1 Protein Shake = 27g Carbs + 23g Protein + 2g Fat

Dinner: 75g Chicken Thigh, 100g Broccoli, 100g Pasta = 36g Carbs +26g Protein + 8g Fat

Evening: 4 Caramel Snack A Jacks, 1 Boiled Egg = 46g Carbs + 10g Protein +7g Fat

Totals: 1783 Calories = 217g Carbs +136g Protein + 38g Fat

Eating clean definitely does not mean eating little!

The problems with this plan; it took a long time to work out due to the different meal ingredients and it would take a long time to prep for the same reason! I also don’t like carrying bananas around as they get squashed!


An easier to prepare plan:

Breakfast: 50g Oats, 1 Teaspoon Sugar, 1 Protein Shake = 40g Carbs + 27g Protein + 6g Fat

Snack: Protein Shake = 2g Carbs + 22g Protein +2g Fat

Evening: 1 Boiled Egg, 4 Caramel Snack a Jacks = 46g Carbs + 10g Protein + 7g Fat

3 meals of: 100g Broccoli, 65g Chicken Thigh Fillet + ***40g Carbohydrate*** = 47g Carbs + 24-26g Protein + 6-8g Fat

Totals: 18010 Calories = 224g Carbs + 136g Protein + 36g Fat

I don’t mind eating pretty much the same food every day. I will track what I eat using MyFitnessPal and give myself some freedom as long as it fits my macros! Being able to change between pasta, rice, sweet potato, any carb really, will help a lot! Having to only cook one meat and one veg,…easy!

40g Carbohydrate
112g Pasta
230g Bulgar Wheat
190g Brown Basmati Rice
110g Sweet Potato
Note: The protein and fat content varies a little. All foods are not created equal.


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