So I wanted to call this push day, but I did an upright row which feels like a pull/is a pull so I couldn’t do it!

Apologies for the random video, I filmed myself speaking a few times but I was in a rambling weird mood, I think because I hadn’t eaten post workout yet! I didn’t put the rambling in so its short and sweet! Enjoy the video…

I did 3 sets of each of the following supersets….

12 flat bench press

12 reverse flye

I pushed to failure, I only got 10 reps out on my last set.

10 Arnold press

10 push ups

I think its good to work so hard you can no longer do push ups!

15 upright rows

10 + 10 lateral raise drop set

I should have gone lighter on my upright rows but was too proud swap barbells so my reps were pretty ugly, but even if I bounced, I made sure that I felt it.

12 skull crushers

12 narrow bench press

This is a horrible yummy superset! I think it’s my favourite one of the whole workout!

8 slow rope triceps extensions

8 slow reverse grip triceps extensions

I had nothing left at this point, I was lifting light but it felt like a tonne! My triceps didn’t know whether to burn or cramp up!



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