Hellooo! Another lower body day, all about the Glutes!

I thought this workout would be kind of easy… there are no supersets and lots of isolation exercises, and then I got started and the sweat dripped and my butt burneddd!

3 sets of 12-15 narrow leg press with 5 partial reps on the last set

I did 15 reps and 10 partial reps on each set to up the intensity and the time under tension. Next time I could go heavier so that its not possible to be able to do the extra partial reps.


3 sets of 10-12 static lunges on the smith rack

I did 12 reps per leg per set, I had to up the weight after the first set, it was then really hard but I pushed to get 12 out because that is what I had set my mind on!

3 sets of 15 kick backs on a machine with a drop set on the last set. Pause and squeeze with each rep

I barely rested other than to switch between sides and was so surprised at how high my heart rate was and how much I was feeling the burn on both the working leg AND the supporting leg

3 sets of 15-18 cable kickbacks with 5 partial reps on the last set

I did 18 reps and the partials on the first set and then could only manage 15 and a few partials on the last 2 sets, it wasn’t the plan but I squeezed and I definitely felt it work!

3 sets of 10-12 reps on the hip abduction machine. Sit Forward on the seat. 5 partials on the last set.

Oh this hurt, I was so knackered by this point! I tried to focus on the contraction on each rep, I tried o keep it slow and controlled but I definitely finished my sets ugly!







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