Hi everyone,


I hope you’ve all had an amazing few weeks and have been working super hard.


I’ve been really stressed as all is slightly up in the air with my living situation and this has hindered my food prep considerably. A week in a hotel meant no kitchen, moving meant stuff in boxes for a few days, and now, with an induction hob I can’t use my saucepans or frying pans! Its been 4 weeks since I’ve stuck religiously to my diet plan. I now need to make a completely new one to get rid of my no cooking excuse!


I have been training though, not weight training as I was still resting from my injury, I think it is better now so I’m slowly introducing weights, yay! In the last few weeks these have been my results…

after week 4 angles After Week 9 Angles

Nearly a kilo lost but I definitely looked better before. High stress levels, keeping to calories but not macros and not sleeping properly have definitely contributed to my loss in muscle mass.

After Week 4 Measurements After week 9 measurements





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