Today, I was supposed to train shoulders.

I can’t and I’m upset!

I had a problem a few months ago after training back in which my left lat seized up and constricted my breathing. After a few days, lots of spasms and weird noises, it recovered and I thought no more of it. Until now.

I noticed my left side was tighter when training back last week, I just thought I was getting a better contraction at the time, since then it has got progressively worse to the point where using the muscle even a little bit sends a sharp pain under my shoulder blade and sometimes towards my sternum and stops me breathing deeply. I’m now under strict orders to rest, very low impact cardio is ok and fully supported leg exercises, yay…


So what do you do?

The old me would have cried, eaten some cake, probably ordered a pizza as its two for Tuesday day and sacked it all in until I had recovered.

The new me, well I cried a little as I’m so frustrated, I shared an oaty biscuit with my boyfriend and decided I would spend an hour on the stepper. Until getting off the sofa hurt too much! So instead, I haven’t been able to go to the gym. Another step back! But I want to work and burn calories?! This is where the importance of nutrition comes in, you shouldn’t reverse your good work because you stuff your face. I have now planned and re-planned my meals for the week. If I get my nutrition spot on I will still get results. Maybe not as quickly as I want or with the training that I want to do but that is not an excuse any more.

You must do what you need to do to look after your body.

Keep working towards your goal, never give up. You will wish you hadn’t.

ROAR always




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