If you’re here you may have just watched my video or you want to read this first! Either way I’ll explain all you need to know and answer any questions you may have..

I’m doing a very strict 16 week transformation, no booze, no cheat meals, no chocolate. I might go insane, but hopefully only temporarily!

I think that I need to plan everything in order to make this work. I have tried everything in moderation with a good exercise regime, and this works if you stick to it! Unfortunately, I can’t really seem to understand moderation. Strict is the way forward for me right now. I’m hoping that this will reset my body, my cravings, my portion sizes, the sheer amount of chocolate I would consume if someone didn’t stop me…

The documents, the PLAN I’ve mentioned are below:
Use this Transformation Tracker 2015 to track your weekly progress. Make sure you insert a motivational quote in the notes section!
This planner shows all 16 weeks Transformation Schedule use it to plan each week and make sure you’re doing a little more than the week before.
This is to complete at the beginning of each week, plan your workouts, your meals, quantities and timing. Transformation Weekly Planner
This nutrition guide Transformation Nutrition has loads of foods on it, there is space to add your own foods too.

If you want to count calories or your macros, I recommend using myfitnesspal to help you, it means you won’t have to spend hours looking things up on the internet.

I am consuming 1839 calories per day for the first week.
50% from carbs 919.6cal 230g
30% from protein 551.8cal 138g
20% from fats 367.8cal 41g
I am going to recalculate these values each week.

One of my clients’ total calorie intake per day is 1518
190g carbs
114g protein
34g fat

Feel free to follow either of these macro plans, otherwise email me hearyouroar@hotmail.co.uk with your height, weight, age and gender and I can calculate it for you!

This website will calculate it for you also, http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/ I’m sure it uses the same calculation that I do!

So join me! Transform your body. Choose what it is you really want to see change and track that for 16 weeks. Train hard. Eat well. Maybe have a really good plan!

Train Loud and Proud!

Remember, lions drink water. ROAR!



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