First Training session of the 2015…Chest Day!

chest day

So, if I’m honest, I don’t like training chest on my own. I think its one of my many excuses not to train, but I loving having someone to spot me so that I can go heavier. (If you don’t push yourself to failure then maybe you don’t need a spot, but I LOVE going heavy!) So today I trained with my boyfriend.. Check out his blog here…

This was our workout…
hercules chest day

I really enjoyed it, it was hard! It may have been my Christmas holiday that made me feel unfit, but the supersets and the heavy reps/relatively high reps got my heart rate up! I think over 8reps is high reps…

My weights were…
Incline BB Chest Press 4 sets of 12x30kg 10x35kg 8x40kg 6x40kg (To make sure I had good depth I didn’t increase the weight)
Flat DB Press 4 sets of 12x14kg
Alternate Chest Press 4 sets of 24×12.5kg
Cable Flye 3 sets of 15×3.75kg
Assisted Dips 3 sets of 12-15x40kg

I am considering keeping this programme consistent for 16 weeks to really improve my strength and confidence whilst training chest. I always complain about my shoulders being uncomfortable or my neck hurting and I need to get over that!

Try it.

Let them hear you ROAR.



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