I don’t think I’ve stuck to a nutrition plan or diet for longer than a week, and that’s probably been Monday to Friday lunchtime! I’ve always rewarded my hard work with food. Yes like a dog having a treat for doing well… It’s not good!


Everyone’s relationship with food is different and normally complicated. When I’m thinking about eating really well I can do it, sometimes, I always make excuses as to why my life is too stressful to eat properly or just end up skipping meals as I think that is easier than eating properly. You should always try and eat properly, if you are stressed then make sure you look after yourself, putting crap in to your body will not help you, neither will running on empty

If you’re not proud to post a photo of your food to instagram, facebook or twitter, then you know you don’t really think its good for you. So my foodie new years resolution is to proud of what I eat. Try doing the same.


Let me hearyouROAR


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